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Starbucks Renovation

Have you seen our new Starbucks yet? Head over to Atherton Union to catch a glimpse of our brand new renovation that took place over Winter Break! We think you'll agree, it looks great!

Welcome to the Butler University Dining Services Website

As you browse through our web site, you will get a taste of the innovative creations we have in store for you at our unique dining locations on campus! Join in with one of the tastiest programs around. Quality, variety, and flexibility make your dining membership what you need - unique just like you! This site is designed to serve as a one stop resource up-to-the minute information.

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Sandwich Shack


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At Butler Dining, we have a deep respect for and commitment to protecting and improving the environment. We work to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional operational results.

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Theme Meals

We believe dining should be fun. We try hard to make it fun with Theme Meals. We have different themes like Founder's Day, Valentine's Day, and Homecoming where we feature fun food to go with the theme. Check out what is coming on here!

Spring Break Hours
Are you staying around campus over Spring Break? Dining Services will be running on a limited schedule. Click here for more information.