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Thanksgiving isn't the only day in November when you can enjoy an amazing meal. Feast any day this month by giving us a call, sending an email or ordering online today!

Seriously though, why should one day have all the delicious eats and sweet treats? Any occasion on campus is made better by freshly prepared food that every guest enjoys. 

We've made it simple for you, too, because all you have to do is email, call or fill out a short online form to coordinate creative catering and professional, on-time delivery for your next event.

Butler University Wedding

Thinking about having your wedding at Butler University? Take a look at our wedding guide here to find out exactly what our experienced Butler Catering team can bring to your special day. With over 15 years of experience catering weddings in Indianapolis, we know what it takes to intrigue your guests and exceed your expectations. Our culinary team, led by Chef Jenny Finn, constantly stays ahead of trends while creating beautiful and delicious food.

Our event specialist, Stephanie Haggard, is eager to dedicate both herself and her team to making all of your wedding catering desires a reality. Stephanie will guide you through many decisions surrounding your celebration. From menu selection
to toasting the bride and groom, Stephanie will work with you to create and execute an experience of a lifetime.


Contact Information:
Stephanie Haggard
Phone: (317) 940-9764
Email: shaggard@butler.edu

Catering Office Location:
Atherton Union Kitchen

Hours of Operation: 
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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